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August 27, 2013
Category: orthotic devices

Here is a really interesting piece on new developments in the foot medicine field.Unfortunatly due to cost this particular technology will likely only be available in research institutions. 
The technology combines the unique capabilities of 2D xrays with 3D imagining. It unfortunately does not allow for the image to be delivered in a dynamic mode. That`s to say we cannot see inside the foot while someone is walking.
In our clinical practice we try to achieve the greatest level of diagnosis and understanding utilizing 2D X-rays and dynamic H-definition video gait analysis using our Pedigait technology. 
Hopefully further research utilizing this new system will continue to expand our knowledge and diagnostic capability for those of us in clinical situations.

By markbradley
May 17, 2012
Category: education

So I have just had the third patient of the day asking about Flip Flops and whether it's ok to wear them or not. Clearly the beautiful forecast for our May long weekend in Ontario has everyone thinking of summer.

As always in answering similar questions, a large dose of common sense is required. Flip flops were designed for two reasons. The first was financially driven for those with limited money and resources to make shoes. The second is for those living in very warm climates and especially if residing in sandy beach like environments. Subsequently they became popularized with associated surf and beach culture and a generalized lay back appearance.

That's all very well but still doesnt answer the question. Simply put, for those of us who have been diagnosed with any type of structural or functional foot problem it would be best if we limit the amount of time spent in Flip flops. By that I don't mean Never wear them, but choose your moments when they are best suited. For example going to the beach, hanging out pool side or when limited amounts of walking are planned. Even for those with "normal feet" the softer, flatter, very worn, cheaper varieties of filp flops are all believed to have harmful effects on the feet.

The good folks at the APMA have been very kind to provide a fact sheet and indeed recomend some models of flip flops over others as being more supportive than others.

This video also deos a terrific job of outlining the idea "feetures" to look for in a good Fip Flop. Have a beautiful and safe weekend where ever you are.