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September 04, 2013
Category: education

Treating Diabetes, or more importantly the effects of poorly controlled blood sugar on the lower limb is an increasingly frequent part of our daily practice. 
Many of the dire consequences referred to in this article can be avoided or at least minimized with the timely intervention or early detection by a Podiatrist or Chiropodist. 
Diabetes like most systemic decease processes are not constant and require ongoing monitoring the frequency of which is dependant upon several factors. The more important of these being vascular status, neurological condition, presence or history of wounds and functionality of the feet.
A deterioration any one of the above, or more frequently a combination of all of the above can lead to a rapid down ward spiral in the health of the lower limb and subsequent systemic health.

August 27, 2013
Category: orthotic devices

Here is a really interesting piece on new developments in the foot medicine field.Unfortunatly due to cost this particular technology will likely only be available in research institutions. 
The technology combines the unique capabilities of 2D xrays with 3D imagining. It unfortunately does not allow for the image to be delivered in a dynamic mode. That`s to say we cannot see inside the foot while someone is walking.
In our clinical practice we try to achieve the greatest level of diagnosis and understanding utilizing 2D X-rays and dynamic H-definition video gait analysis using our Pedigait technology. 
Hopefully further research utilizing this new system will continue to expand our knowledge and diagnostic capability for those of us in clinical situations.

September 13, 2012
Category: podiatry/chiropody
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No we're not refering to the up coming presidential elections south of the Canadian border.


Some kind, delusional individual has nominated both Marilyn and Mark Bradley for Chiropodist/Podiatrist of the year in the Brantford News, which should make for some interesting domestic rivalry. Naturally we all know who the winner of that little race will be!, mind you she does work very hard .

The Brantford Podiatry Office was also nominated and as embarrassing as it is we would be most grateful if you could find a minute to vote for us and help us Win!. The paper is widely read throughout the Brant region and it would greatly help spread the word and awareness about our practice.

Here is the link below, it’s a matter of registering so that only one vote per category can be placed by a single email address and there is to be no follow up use of your email details.

Thanks again Mark


By markbradley
June 11, 2012
Category: education
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Back in April we did a couple of shows for our local Rogers Television stations in both Mississauga and Brantford on the subject of Diabetes and its relationship with the lower limb. In these shows we discused what diabetes is, how it impacts the lower limb and what role we as specialists in this area have to play. This is not meant to be a comprehensive education on the subject of Diabetes but hopefully it is enlightening and possibly helps identify an important source of prevention for life threatening complications.

The following link is to the Mississauga DayTime show, and as always Brigitte and Jason were engaging and welcoming, thanks again for the opportunity to come and visit.




By markbradley
March 27, 2012
Category: education
Tags: diabetes   podiatry   chiropody  

It is with great pleasure that we look forward to joining the DayTime crew again on Monday April 2nd at Rogers Television, Channel 10, Mississauga. We will be talking about Diabetes, what it is, and its increasing presence in our comunity.

Most importantly we will discus the early detection of this disease, your role in that, and that of your podiatrist / chiropodist. Also we will discus the specific ways that Diabetes will impact the health of your lower limbs if not managed aggressively and continuously.

For those of you who have a desire to read more on this subject, attached is a link to the latest publiction on the subject from the Public Health Agency of Canada. It  outlines the prevalence of this disease across our country, and internationally. It also looks at the demographics within the various populations and makes projections towards the future