June 30, 2022
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Every week we are active on social media bringing you subjects of local interest and information hopefully beneficial to you or someone you love.



Just as in our office we do not use this connection to sell services or products. If we recommend a type of shoes, or a training regime for a particular activity we qualify who or why it may be beneficial under a specific circumstance. Sometimes we might get carried away if a particular restaurant order made our lunch time more special or someone has something special to celebrate.

More than anything it a terrific way to stay in contact with each other until we see you again. We welcome comments, interactions and questions. If you have a personal concern or question about a subject or something went wrong with your last visit please message us directly instead of publicly, that way we can quickly and privately address and rectify the issue quickly.

Follow our feed for a bit and if there are subjects or suggestions you'd like us to cover send a message we would love guidence on what matters to y'all.