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November 13, 2012
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Tomorrow November 14th is World Diabetes Day. 

If on no other day of the year:

If someone you love suffers from diabetes or is at risk of developing diabetes, and has not taken steps to manage their condition. Urge them to seek help to confirm their diagnosis or find council to assist them control their blood sugar levels. Sometimes all that is needed is to know our family is behind us and willing to participate in simple dietary changes. In most cases those changes can have long reaching benifits to all of us regardless of our diabetic state.


For extensive information about Diabetes follow the link above to Public Health Canada or contact or offices for care, evaluation or education pertaining to Diabetes or foot health in general.


November 11, 2012
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November 14Th is World Diabetes Day, the purpose of which is to raise global awareness of the disease, its increasing previlence and its close proximity to all of our lives. In the past we have educated and counciled patients on a daily basis in our own offices and through direct intervention helped save limbs and lives. The more we can raise awareness of this disease the great the possiblity of curbing the trend of increasing numbers suffering from diabetes. For a link to this even click on the image below, and for more general information on diabetes follow the link to the episode of our monthly show with Rogers Television on Diabetes and the Lower Limb.



In the last Blog we announced that the upcoming episode with Rogers Television would deal the subject of Ingrown Toe nails.

Aside from a long intro to the item on the show went great. If your in a hurry to view it skip the first 1.5 minutes of the attached video.

 We had time to discus with the many myths surrounding the cause of this very common condition. Also covered are the various treatment options available to permanently  correct this problem.

Like most conditions that we treat as Chiropodists and Podiatrists, understanding the cause of the condition is paramount to making the correct recomendations. Even more important is making sure our patients fully understand the underlying cause so they are able to choose the best treatment plan that suites their situation.


By markbradley
June 11, 2012
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Back in April we did a couple of shows for our local Rogers Television stations in both Mississauga and Brantford on the subject of Diabetes and its relationship with the lower limb. In these shows we discused what diabetes is, how it impacts the lower limb and what role we as specialists in this area have to play. This is not meant to be a comprehensive education on the subject of Diabetes but hopefully it is enlightening and possibly helps identify an important source of prevention for life threatening complications.

The following link is to the Mississauga DayTime show, and as always Brigitte and Jason were engaging and welcoming, thanks again for the opportunity to come and visit.




Back in March of this year in a previous blog we announced that we were introducing some further advancements in technology to our clinical practice, namely that of the Pedi-Gait system from Peditechnology. Some two months down the road we are delighted with the benefits this has brought to our Patients in our Brantford and Mississauga location. To better illustrate some the less technological and more clinical features of this system we have created and uploaded a short video to YouTube. For those of you more technologically savy than others you can follow this Peditech link to the industry video which focus more on the professional user.

Regardless we hope this will continue to prove to be a huge benefit to both our patients and all our practioners. For our existing patients returning in the future to address new structural and funtional concerns we will be incorporating this diagnostic tool into your care to better understand and treat your problems.