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  • Glass In Foot
    Every day we are fortunate enough to make a difference in someones life, here was todays opertunity. He is 79 years old, lives alone and stepped on a shard of broken Read more
  • Functional Orthotic prescribing with Paris orthotics
    For the last several years Marilyn and myself have been fortunate enough to be invited by Dr. Chris MacClean and Paris Orthotics to join them for their annual educational seminar Read more
  • Diabetes Day
    Tomorrow November 14th is World Diabetes Day.  If on no other day of the year: If someone you love suffers from diabetes or is at risk of developing diabetes, and has not Read more
  • World Diabetes Day
    November 14Th is World Diabetes Day, the purpose of which is to raise global awareness of the disease, its increasing previlence and its close proximity to all of our lives. Read more
  • Ingrown Toe Nails: The primary cause, and suitable treatments
      In the last Blog we announced that the upcoming episode with Rogers Television would deal the subject of Ingrown Toe nails. Aside from a long intro to the item on the show Read more
  • Ingrown Toenail Surgery
      We are back with Roger’s television again in Brantford and tomorrows topic is surgical for a change. Surgery is one of my favorite aspects of what we do professionally. Often Read more
  • Time To Vote
    No we're not refering to the up coming presidential elections south of the Canadian border.   Some kind, delusional individual has nominated both Marilyn and Mark Bradley for Chiropodist/Podiatrist of the year Read more
  • Ted's Heel Pain
      Back at the end of June we finally had chance to do a show on Plantar Fasciitis with Inside Brant host Ted Lehman. Interestingly he was not only the host Read more
  • Orthotic Sandals: Do They Really Work?
      Its been a really long and terrific Spring and Summer here in southern Ontario, and over the course of that time we have dispensed quite a few custom orthotic sandals Read more
  • Langer Biomechanics/Orthotics
      Congratulations to our partners at Langer Biomechanics on the launch of their new interactive web site. Lots of beneficial stuff there for both us the practitioners and the general public. Read more
  • Youtube and Vimeo Channels
    We are delighted to announce that finally we have our own YouTube and Vimeo channels set up. The purpose of these sites are to further expose our material to a Read more
  • Obesity and Foot pain, is there a relationship!
    For a very long time we as clinicians strived hard to not take the apparant "easy road out" and blame the development of foot pain, and deformity primarily on excessive Read more
  • Sandals for summer
    Back about a month ago we posted a blog about "Flip Flop or Not". Well as this summer continues to be unseasonably warm the subject just wont go away. Here Read more
  • Diabetes
    Back in April we did a couple of shows for our local Rogers Television stations in both Mississauga and Brantford on the subject of Diabetes and its relationship with the Read more
  • Digital Video Gait Analysis
    Back in March of this year in a previous blog we announced that we were introducing some further advancements in technology to our clinical practice, namely that of the Pedi-Gait Read more
  • Flip Flop or Not?
    So I have just had the third patient of the day asking about Flip Flops and whether it's ok to wear them or not. Clearly the beautiful forecast for our Read more