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  • Summer ends for feet
    Here is our first show of the 2013 Fall season on Rogers Television with host Ted Lehman. In this show we discus how seasonal changes can bring an influx of Read more
  • Diabetic Foot Amputations
    Treating Diabetes, or more importantly the effects of poorly controlled blood sugar on the lower limb is an increasingly frequent part of our daily practice.  Many of the dire consequences referred Read more
  • 3D foot scan shows damage from high heel
    Here is a really interesting piece on new developments in the foot medicine field.Unfortunatly due to cost this particular technology will likely only be available in research institutions.  The technology combines Read more
  • Sports Injury and Recovery
    So many times we are confronted with patients with injuries or post surgical recovery, and always the question arises regarding"How long will i need to rest".  Here is a great example Read more
  • Food For Thought
        Some interesting questions answered for those diabetic and non-diabetic folks, regardless its important to consider what and how much we consume. Often we apply more consideration to our fuel grade purchase Read more
  • Plantar Warts, how to identify them
    Today we were back on Roger Television answering questions about plantar warts. This very common skin infection is frequently misdiagnosed and often mistreated. This show is intended to debunk some Read more
  • Foot health Month on Rogers TV
    As promised a couple of weeks ago here is the link to our plug for Foot health Month. As per usual the chances of Ted and myself staying on topic Read more
  • Foot Health Month 2013
    Unbelievable but the month of May is almost upon us. With that comes the beginning of Foot Health month here in Ontario and many other areas across the globe. Our Read more
  • Orthotics in Spring Shoes
      Okay, you’ve had a history of foot pain, your Podiatrist has diagnosed your foot problem, you now wear orthotics, and as a result (rejoice) you are pain free!   But….and this is Read more
  • Orthotics just got better in Brantford
      Following on the success of our Pedi-Gait system over the last 12 months in diagnosing foot dysfunction, we decided that the good folks in Brantford deserve to benefit from the Read more
  • Google talking shoe
      At the risk of offending Google this is not what we had hoped for regarding technological advancements in shoe design.       Read more
  • Spring Break for Feet
    As promised here is the Rogers television interview from Tuesday the 5th of March. It contains some common sense advice for those traveling to beautiful sunny destinations or risking life Read more
  • Bare feet and much more
      Here is the Roger`s episode from last month, hopefully we will get to upload yesterdays show before March break for those of you that didn't get to see it on Read more
  • March Break for Feet
    Tomorrw we  are back with Ted at Rogers Television for another episode of their day time show "Inside Brant". Given that March Break starts for many this comming weekend we thought Read more
  • Mark Wahlberg Ingrown Toenail
    Even very tough guys like Mark Wahlberg need a little help from a podiatrist/chiropodist eventually. Anyway this is a funny show with him and Elen chatting about his toe woes The Read more
  • Accepting Arthritis
      All too often a diagnosis of arthritis is offered up for non-specific pain, especially with regards to the lower limb.  Sometimes even when the diagnosis is correct it is viewed as Read more