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  • Orthotics just got sexy
    Orthotics may just have become sexy! I think we’ve got something very exciting coming for our female patients presently wearing orthotics! In the next week or two our patients presently wearing Read more
  • Love thy (Pharmacist) Neighbour
    Its not by accident that we have pharmacies next door to our offices. We write prescriptions and recommend products all the time to our patients. As a general rule we Read more
  • Would you like to know what really caused your ingrown toe nail?
      So interestingly i just did a quick Google search just as you would to find the origin of your  ingrown toenail. Unsurprisingly the three sources i viewed Mayo clinic, NHS (National health  service Read more
  • January 12th Covid update
    Most health regions have now opened portal enabling patients 80 years and older to  book or preregister for their 1st covid-19 vaccination. For those living in the following clinic regions click Read more
  • Why Choose Orthotics?
    Do you have a stubborn foot or ankle problem, such as plantar fasciitis? At The Podiatry Associates in Mississauga, ON, and the Toronto area, our foot doctors often prescribe custom-made Read more
  • Super Shoes
    So as mentioned Marilyn and I were at our first ever virtual conference a couple of weeks ago and had the pleasure to listing to Dr Simon Bartold who has Read more
  • Increasing Covid Stress
    It is a normal human reaction in times of stress to experience self doubt, anger, and frustration. We find ourselves doubting what we know and who we follow, and what Read more
  • Are you at home barefoot?
    Are you at home now and not wearing anything on your feet? If you’d rather not come and visit us in our office, then please watch this short video. Make this your Read more
  • End of COVID summer
     Back to school and the end of summer! As sad as that may be, we're looking forward to what will hopefully be the next step towards life returning to normal. All Read more
  • The Different Types of Orthotics
    Are your feet acting up again? Perhaps you’re wondering if you need a fresh pair of inserts or to further cut back on activities that hurt your feet. These might Read more
  • Minor Trauma Big Effect
    Twice this weekend we encountered neighbours with a very sore swollen foot following minor trauma and poor footwear/support combinations. These can prove surprisingly painful, concerning and debilitating. As the weather has Read more
  • Doug Fords office called
      While it was delightful to receive a call from Doug Fords office this morning, its not necessary to contact the premiers office to make an appointment Just give your local Read more
  • We`re coming back June 1st
    We are so excited to get back to work We now have permission to open our offices and offer treatments to those patients urgently waiting for care. The video describes some Read more
  • East Toronto Office Closure
    It is with deep regret that we have closed our East Toronto location. Dr Nobel has served this community for more years than he would prefer that I mention and although Read more
  • When to See a Podiatrist/Chiropodist for Orthotics
    A podiatrist/chiropodist is a regulated health care professional that specializes in any issues relating to the feet, ankles, and parts of the leg that connect to the ankle. Gout, arthritis, and Read more
  • find the right shoe
       Finding It Hard To Choose Good Stable Shoes I talk my patient through choosing good supportive shoes so many times in a normal day in clinic. I have promised  to do a Read more