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  • Ingrown toe nails are not caused by ..................?
    After all these years of practice I am still amazed at the number of referred patients presenting with ingrown toe nails apparently caused by “ wearing tight shoes “ and Read more
  • Quick fix, for long relief
    It's always lovely to reconnect with a patient after several years.  In this particular case these feet have covered many miles in archaeological digs from Egypt to China. Several years ago Read more
  • How To Choose the Right Orthotics for Your Feet
    Your podiatrist is an expert at diagnosis and treatment of common foot, ankle, and toe conditions. One of the most effective treatment options for these problems are custom-made orthotics. The Read more
  • Are Orthotics Right For Me?
    How orthotics from your podiatrists in North Whitby, Brantford, and Mississauga, ON, can help you Your feet carry a heavy burden. They help you stand, walk, run, and they support your Read more
  • The Benefits of Orthotics
    Foot pain is no joke, and it can be hard to avoid foot pain if you’re spending a lot of time on your feet. Your feet take on lots of Read more
  • Join Us On FaceBook and Instagram
    Every week we are active on social media bringing you subjects of local interest and information hopefully beneficial to you or someone you love. Just as in our office we Read more
  • How Can a Podiatrist Help My Heel Pain?
    If you’ve been on your feet all day, it’s common that you’ll experience soreness and maybe even some heel pain. However, when heel pain is persistent and continues for more Read more
  • Why You Should Consider Getting Custom Orthotics
    How orthotics from your podiatrists in Mississauga, Brantford, and Whitby, ON, can help your feet Do your feet hurt? Do you spend a lot of time on your feet? Did you Read more
  • Covid Update March 11th 2022
    Despite changes in Ontario`s provincial mandates we continue for the moment to require our visitors to observer requirements for mask wearing , personal hygiene, and social distancing while in our Read more
  • Are You Grounded?
    new research suggests little effect of grounding on athlete performance and recovery Read more
  • Heel Pain Treatment Options
    Multiple causes can result in experiencing heel pain. Heel pain can significantly affect your life, impairing your ability to walk and get from one place to another. Here at Podiatry Read more
  • Wired~!
    This lovely gentleman visits our office on a regular basis for a chat and regular maintenance.   This time he mentioned that he had been experiencing a considerable amount of pain on Read more
  • Holiday Gift Ideas
    This year if you really want to show Grandma or Grandpa you really care and want them to be a vital active part of your life for years to come, Read more
  • Preventing Chronic Heel Pain
    Are you looking for help managing heel pain in Mississauga, Brantford, and Whitby, ON? If so, you understand that chronic heel discomfort can have a significant impact on your overall quality of life. Read more
  • On Target With Our Ulcers
                      Its amazing how something as simple as a small ulcer under the big toe joint can limit your mobility and quality of life. Quality of life is a term we Read more
  • October 18th Covid update
     October 18th  2021 Update on COVID-19  Despite changes in Ontario`s provincial vaccination rates we still require our office visitors to observer requirements for mask wearing , personal hygene, and social distancing while in Read more