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  • Heel Spur Diagnosis
    On a daily basis patients turn up at our offices with heel pain and a referral from their physician with a diagnosis of heel spurs. The difficulty with this is Read more
  • Ever Thought About Self Treating With Corn Pads?
    Coming soon This senario used to be a more common place occurrence in our clinics and emergency rooms across the country, thankfully of late, less so.       Imagine you're suffering from the discomfort Read more
  • Our Staff Never Forget!
    Birthdays in the midst of pandemics dont really seam that much fun and its easy to get in a funk and try to let them pass quitely. NOT HAPPENIN IN BRANTFORD!!! This what I arrived Read more
  • Noticed Your Feet Getting Flatter?
    The tibialis posterior, is a muscle found in the lower leg wrapping around the inside of the ankle and inserts into the medial aspect or the inside of the foot. Read more
  • Why does it take hardship to appreciate good things?
        The last  2 weeks have  been a bit stressful! In our Brantford and now Mississauga offices as our workhorse; The Pedigait video-gait analysis system that we purchased almost 10 years ago Read more
  • Bothered by hard skin and cracked heels?
    Coming soon Not everyone who wears sandals develops hard skin and cracks on their heels. But if you do its indicative that your feet are not very stable.            I know summer Read more
  • Orthotics and Heel Pain
    Heel pain can cause discomfort throughout the day and affect your ability to carry out regular daily activities. A common cause of heel pain is a foot condition known as Read more
  • How Should I Stretch My Plantar Fascia?
      How can I best stretch my plantar fascia ?             Simple answer, you shouldn’t !    The plantar fascia is not a muscle, it's not meant to stretch or lengthensignificantly. It Read more
  • Running Shoe Review
      Here in southern ontario the sun is out, Covid numbers are headed in the preferred direction and lots of our patients are poised to replace or improve existing running shoes Read more
  • Time To Hit The Trails: Hiking shoes
          More than ever during this Covid pandemic, hiking has become one of the most popular forms of outdoor physical activities.                     The best Read more
  • The world Heavy Weight Champion
    First stop on our promised review of some suitable footwear models   The Heavy Weight Contender.   The Brooks Beast and Ariel; men’s and women's shoes respectively, are now on its 20th model and Read more
  • Welcome to the Shoe Jungle
      Over the many years we have been in practice we have largely tried to stay away from selling or recommending  one particular brand of footwear over others. In general most Read more
  • 3D foot scanner, Gimmick or God sent?
    In a recent online forum with our colleagues we were debating the merits of various techniques for capturing foot structures in order to manufacture custom functional orthotic devices. Most experts in Read more
  • Digital corns and callous
    Digital Corns and Callouses                 Continuing our recent theme of debunking some long held theories about common foot problems, the subject in question today is digital corns.  Again Read more
  • Did they cause my nail loss?
    Two weeks ago I had a young lady present to the office concerned that her nail had suddenly detached following a visit to a nail salon. Upon examination, yes clearly the Read more
  • Want the best result from a medical consultation?
    So I’ve wanted to do a post on this phenomenon for ages! I am amazed how frequently i find myself especially with new patients feeling like the Inquisitor, dragging out information Read more