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August 28, 2012
Category: orthotic devices


Back at the end of June we finally had chance to do a show on Plantar Fasciitis with Inside Brant host Ted Lehman. Interestingly he was not only the host but the subject of the show, or rather his feet were. In this episode get to review his physical exam, X-rays, video gait analysis and demonstrate the functional instability that caused his chronic heel pain. We also review his treatment plan of good structural foot wear, combined with custom functional orthotic devices. The most important point of all this is that he clearly understands the source of his problem and as a result is an active participant in healing himself. No pun intended Ted!!.


August 16, 2012
Category: orthotic devices


Its been a really long and terrific Spring and Summer here in southern Ontario, and over the course of that time we have dispensed quite a few custom orthotic sandals to patients who had previously been wearing our orthotic devices in their shoes. All along we had stressed that functionally these would NOT be!, NORE were they intended to be! substitutes for their existing control combination of custom orthotic and enclosed stable footwear. OK perhaps we went overboard a bit, but we were keen that our patients understood our desires for them to have the best possible control, as much of the time as they were physically active.

Anyway we were getting great feed back on follow up checks on these orthotic devices/sandals. Not just how neat they were, or how cool they looked, but actual complements on how good their feet felt and how long they were wearing them. One of the most frequent observations was that patients were looking forward to using them in place of indoor shoes or slippers during the cooler months, Not that those will ever return.

In light of this we decided to use our pedigait technology to investigate what if anything these devices would do to for individuals who due to structural misalignments are forced to pronate heavily during locomotion. The following video demonstrates the overwhelming results very clearly. My apologies for the editing of the commentary and the hand held video of the pedigait software comparing the two synchronized images. In real time it is so clear and compelling i had to try and at least capture it. Promise i will try and do similar comparisons in future presentations with greater clarity.



August 10, 2012
Category: orthotic devices


Congratulations to our partners at Langer Biomechanics on the launch of their new interactive web site. Lots of beneficial stuff there for both us the practitioners and the general public. We are now able to track the fabrication of our custom orthotic devices during the process and access a wide specialty footwear and brace selection.


By markbradley
August 03, 2012
Category: podiatry/chiropody
Tags: education  

We are delighted to announce that finally we have our own YouTube and Vimeo channels set up. The purpose of these sites are to further expose our material to a wider audience than previously possible in multiple formats. They contain lots of interesting information in a conversational/ interview format many of which are directly from our regular involvement with local television networks and others are direct productions of our own. The content is not only aimed at being educational to the general public but also to other health care professional.The cover material as diversified as footwear choices, diabetes, foot surgery, Orthotics, children's feet, and many more.  If in viewing the segments you have any questions that arise or suggestions for future shows please email us directly at either of our web sites and we will respond quickly.

Should you see an item or items that you find interesting please click on the LIKE button as this greatly helps us improve our visibility and accessibility on the internet upon which our practice depends.

If you click on the images below it will take you directly to the individual channels.

Thank you...... Mark