Ingrown toe nails are not caused by ..................?

Ingrown toe nails are not caused by ..................?

After all these years of practice I am still amazed at the number of referred patients presenting with ingrown toe nails apparently caused by “ wearing tight shoes “ and “cutting their nails wrongly”.

Here at The Podiatry Associates we believe that it is a priority that our job includes a proper examination, diagnosis and explaining of the true origin of the presenting condition. Without explaining the actual cause, how can we expect you the patient to make an informed decision regarding the best treatment option. Almost every case of the thousands of ingrown nails we have treated are caused by mechanical forces produced by the way we walk. Why this is so important becomes clear when we understand that the ingrown nail is a symptom of a bigger condition. If left unaddressed, can at very least cause the same condition to arise on the other toes or the opposite foot . Continued ingrowth will cause bacterial infections which can spread and become systemic. Trauma to the nail bed will cause the nail to thicken, become discoloured and increase likely fungal infections. Repetitive trauma can eventually lead to ulceration of the tissue beneath the nail or malignant changes in the tissue cells becoming life threatening. 

For the vast majority of cases the diagnosis is simple, the treatment is quick and painless and we love fixing these situations allowing you to return to a normal pain free active life style.

 Few conditions bring me as much joy and satisfaction to resolve, seeing someone arrive in significant pain and leaving with a smile and one less this to worry about is priceless. 

Please don’t suffer, call us, we have lots of available appointments and this is definitely what we at The Podiatry Associates DO VERY WELL!