May 25, 2020
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It is with deep regret that we have closed our East Toronto location.

Dr Nobel has served this community for more years than he would prefer that I mention and although he has chosen not to relocate this office will continues to focus his practice at the larger Whitby location.

So for any of the former patients of the East Toronto location he is still accessible a short drive east on Kingston road, or HWY 401 to Thickson Road in Whitby. You can reach Durham Podiatry at 905-4330200, at 15 Thickson Rd N, Whitby Ontario, L1N8Y8.

By Podiatry Associates
May 11, 2020
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A podiatrist/chiropodist is a regulated health care professional that specializes in any issues relating to the feet, ankles, and parts of the leg that connect to the ankle. Gout, arthritis, and flat feet are just a few issues that require the services of a podiatrist.
If you need a podiatrist in Whitby, Mississauga, or Brantford, contact Barry Noble,  Mark Bradley and Marilyn Bradley of The Podiatry Associates. They treat medical conditions related to the foot and prescribe orthotics if necessary.
You should see a podiatrist for orthotics if you experience the following problems:
  • Foot pain
  • Pain in the arch or heel
  • Flat feet
  • Foot deformities
Why Custom Made?
When you experience foot pain, you may be tempted to go to your local retail store and buy foot inserts. The problem with over-the-counter foot inserts is that they are designed to fit the majority of feet, not your specific needs. In time, over-the-counter inserts will lose their cushion and support and offer little or no functional control. On the other hand, if you visit our Mississauga office, your podiatrist/chiropodist can custom make orthotics for your unique foot issues. By using impressions, casts, or scans, we can create the best possible appliances for your foot.
Prescription orthotics correct the alignment of your feet and ankles, as well as prevent or treat abnormal movement or rolling of the feet. They also reduce pain, calluses, and discomfort by redistributing the pressure on the bottom of the foot.


Visit a Podiatrist/Chiropodist
Ankle and foot pain can make you miserable. If you have constant pain in the foot or ankle, it's time to see us.
Schedule an appointment with one of the podiatrists at The Podiatry Associates. Contact us today at one of our locations. We have offices in Whitby, Mississauga, and Brantford. To reach our Whitby location at 905-433-0200. If you live in Mississauga, call us at 905-568-3800. To visit our Brantford office, call 519-751-2900.
May 05, 2020
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 Finding It Hard To Choose Good Stable Shoes

I talk my patient through choosing good supportive shoes so many times in a normal day in clinic. I have promised  to do a dedicated video on the selection process and never got around to doing so.

                                                   Well I Finally Did It

Remember its not about brand, label, endorsements, recommendations, price tag or country of origin.
Every brand can produce great products and they can produce some complete garbage!
Check out the video below and learn how to do a simple test to weed out the bad ones and then try them on.
                        "If you don't like it in the store you ain't never gonna like it!"
April 29, 2020
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We are all ready to provide patient care !

Today we finished installing perspex screens in our Mississauga and Brantford locations to protect our recption staff from cross-infection and enable them to speak more clearly with you in person and over the phone. Hopefully that time will come in the not too distant future.

Facemasks must be worn to recieve treatment

The full details of the guidelines regarding patient visits willbe provided later, but the most significant change for our patients is that to gain entrace to the clinical office all patients must present wearing a mask. We would love to be able to provide these but the volume required is not feesable for us to accomodate and it is believed that the community as a whole should be using personal facemasks (homemade or purchased) as part of daily social distancing protocol in public buildings.

If you have any questions regarding your health or new office protocols please contact your nearest office. The staff are monitoring phone messages and emails remotely at present and we will get back to you. For those that have had appointments canceled during this crisis, dont worry we will be calling to offer you appointments as soon as is possible.


April 01, 2020
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Unfortunately we will be closed for at least a futher two weeks, we will re-evaluate our situation on the 14th of April. We press ganged our two boys into helping call our patients that were due to visit the offices over that period.

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