Morton's Neuroma

A neuroma is a very painful and distressing condition involving a pinched nerve. Neuromas can occur as a result of a number of root causes, including tumors or swelling of nervous tissue, causing it to press against the surrounding infrastructure of your body. Despite being somewhat painful, there is little cause for alarm if the cause turns out to be a tumor as these tumors are very often benign and instances of cancerous tumors manifesting in those areas are exceedingly rare. Unlike other neuromas, Morton’s Neuroma is not caused by any sort of tumor, which is why many professionals refrain from using the term neuroma at all, for its association with tumors, preferring instead to use the term Morton’s metatarsalgia.

Morton’s Neuroma is a neuroma specifically of the foot, manifesting itself as a pain or numbness near the plantar nerves, which are located at the sole of your foot, accompanied by a deformity in the structure of the affected area. It can also be diagnosed by the presence of unexplained lesions on the sole of the foot.

Generally, Morton’s Neuroma is caused by improper or uncomfortable footwear. Avoiding overuse to high heels or ill-fitting shoes is a great way to prevent the manifestation of this condition. Individuals who engage in stressful and high-impact sports such as intense jogging can also increase their risk of developing Morton’s Neuroma. Further, Morton’s Neuroma tends towards comorbidity with other conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Treatment options vary greatly, and depend on what your doctor would recommend for your particular case. These range from orthotics, to cortisol and alcohol solution injections and Radio Frequency Ablation. If these methods don’t produce results, your doctor may recommend a surgical option.

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