Knee Pain

Among the most frequent of complaints from our patients is chronic and persistent knee pain. Your knees are perhaps the single most stressed load-bearing joint on your body, tackling the two daunting tasks of supporting your entire weight and keeping you mobile throughout the day. That your knees might begin to exhibit problems later on in life, is not so much a defect of our bodies, but rather a testament to the resilience thereof, especially when your knees are routinely abused. Knee pain is a symptom however, and can be linked to many possible root causes.

Your first step is to determine the exact nature of the pain you’re experiencing, as well as any other symptoms. Do you detect any redness or swelling in the affected area? Is the joint stiff at all? Do you hear or perhaps feel any “popping” or crunching in the joint? It’s also important to note if your mobility is limited or impaired at all in the knee. Further, try to describe the nature of the pain as closely as you can. After all, a sudden lancing pain that only occurs when you bend it a certain way, is different from a subdued pulsing throb that occurs only when you bend it a certain way. Make a note of the conditions, as it’s also valuable to know when this pain occurs. Is it seemingly independent of any stimulus? Or does it occur after a heavy jog or a day at work? All of these details, when presented to your podiatrist or family doctor can be absolutely vital in diagnosing the root cause of your condition and ultimately treating it.

Generally speaking, you should talk to your doctor immediately if your symptoms are particularly dire. That is to say, if you have a fever in addition to swelling, it could be evident of a potential infection or other serious problems. If you cannot fully extend or retract your knee, is another indicator of a potentially serious issue. Other warning signs include being unable to bear your weight on that one knee or else the knee periodically collapsing under you, or if you spot an obvious deformity in the area. Patients that delay and procrastinate calling their doctor in light of these symptoms, run the risk of complicating them with time or neglecting a condition that could possibly be cured of caught early on.

All of the possible causes are outside the scope of the article and would require the examination of a qualified medical professional to diagnose. Remember, there is no substitute for contacting a licensed professional about a medical problem. You can however, prevent and mitigate your risk of developing these problems. Mind your weight, as excess weight naturally contributes to the stress on your joints, especially your knees. Lack of muscle strength is another risk factor, as your knees require support from your surrounding musculature. Certain sports contribute greatly to your risk of damaging your knees and other joints, the chief culprit being jogging. Most podiatrists don’t recommend jogging as an effective means of cardio fitness as you’re basically trading one risk factor for another.

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