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Back in March of this year in a previous blog we announced that we were introducing some further advancements in technology to our clinical practice, namely that of the Pedi-Gait system from Peditechnology. Some two months down the road we are delighted with the benefits this has brought to our Patients in our Brantford and Mississauga location. To better illustrate some the less technological and more clinical features of this system we have created and uploaded a short video to YouTube. For those of you more technologically savy than others you can follow this Peditech link to the industry video which focus more on the professional user.

Regardless we hope this will continue to prove to be a huge benefit to both our patients and all our practioners. For our existing patients returning in the future to address new structural and funtional concerns we will be incorporating this diagnostic tool into your care to better understand and treat your problems.

By markbradley
May 17, 2012
Category: education

So I have just had the third patient of the day asking about Flip Flops and whether it's ok to wear them or not. Clearly the beautiful forecast for our May long weekend in Ontario has everyone thinking of summer.

As always in answering similar questions, a large dose of common sense is required. Flip flops were designed for two reasons. The first was financially driven for those with limited money and resources to make shoes. The second is for those living in very warm climates and especially if residing in sandy beach like environments. Subsequently they became popularized with associated surf and beach culture and a generalized lay back appearance.

That's all very well but still doesnt answer the question. Simply put, for those of us who have been diagnosed with any type of structural or functional foot problem it would be best if we limit the amount of time spent in Flip flops. By that I don't mean Never wear them, but choose your moments when they are best suited. For example going to the beach, hanging out pool side or when limited amounts of walking are planned. Even for those with "normal feet" the softer, flatter, very worn, cheaper varieties of filp flops are all believed to have harmful effects on the feet.

The good folks at the APMA have been very kind to provide a fact sheet and indeed recomend some models of flip flops over others as being more supportive than others.

This video also deos a terrific job of outlining the idea "feetures" to look for in a good Fip Flop. Have a beautiful and safe weekend where ever you are.

By markbradley
March 06, 2012
Category: orthotic devices

We are very excited to report that very soon we will bring some very new technology online at our Mississauga and Brantford office locations. Not only is this a first for us, but this is brand new to Ontario and in fact most parts of Canada. 

This Pedigait system will and has proven invaluable as a clinical diagnostic aide replacing previous attempts to assess patient gait and locomation in a busy office settting. The advantage of this system is that dynamic foot function can be viewed and captured by Four high speed digital cameras similtaniously. The Podiatrist can then review the images in crystal clear slow motion later, consult with other specialists if necessary, and compare to previous video captures of the same individual. The most important of all uses, is that these amazing four views can be utilized during consultion to give patients a clear understanding and vision of their funtional problem and how it is effecting their gait. Previously we have been forced to rely on the ability of the practioner to describe the functional anomally using xrays and foot models to illustrate their complexity and severity.

We look forward to our ongoing relationships with the visionary staff at Pedi Technology in Montreal, and commend them on the terriffic advancements the have achieved over the last few years. We will continue with a handful of other Podiatrists and Chiropodists to develop the clinical applications of this technology and with Pedi make refinements. 

For clinical practioners keen to view this technology in action or avail of its potential benifits for your own patients then please contact our offices and we advise you of a clinical location close to you where the systems are in place.