March 04, 2022
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As someone who has at times been forced to watch news of conflict and social unrest in my own homeland while enjoying the peace and freedom of living here in Canada, my heart goes out those watching news unfold from around the world today.

Here in Canada and especially at our Mississauga office, we have such diverse origins in our community that it is a regular occurrence to ask about our patients background. I am always heartened to hear passionate stories of countries and cultures that I have not yet had the pleasure to experience first hand and conversely, their collective love and appreciation of their new home.

I too have experienced the pain and guilt associated with being far from my origins and feelings of inadequacy at being unable to help in times of need. Through collective concern and action towards helping others we are often brought closer together, possibly just what our society needs right now. 

One charitable outlet we at the Podiatry Associates have embraced is World Central Kitchen who are presently feeding thousands of fleeing victims of the war in Ukraine. They have been on site within hours of disasters around the world beginning the recovery process by feeding those most in need.