March 25, 2022
Category: foot surgery
Tags: ingrown toenail  


Ending the pain of an ingrown nail is only half the battle.

Daily we see the results of previous surgical corrections for ingrown toe nails.


Many have completely or partially regrown and in many cases are as painful as the original presentation but twice as ugly. While we do not claim to be cosmetic surgeons our goal in permanently ending the pain is also to restore the nail to a cosmetically improved state. This is not a condition for which you should carry a life long reminder. We love doing this right and repairing often what has happened previously.
To see our patients leave the office knowing that come summer they can confidently wear sandals or go barefooted without fear of their toes drawing attention attention has to be bench mark for success.

Schedule an appointment at an office location near you with one of our dedicated specialists. We do not require a referral however pertinent information from your primary care specialist may help in our diagnosis. Bring any pertinent images (X-rays) or test results with you and if appropriate samples of your footwear. Given the nature of our specialty it is likely we will want to observe you standing or walking during the initial exam. Call The Podiatry Associates in Mississauga, at (905)568-3800. We are also located in Brantford, ON, at (519) 751-2900 and Whitby, Ontario, at (905) 433-0200