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January 27, 2022
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Had surgery for an ingrown toenail, and it came back?


This is a very common situation and approximately 60% of referrals we recieve for ingrown toenails have had one or more previously attempted surgeries. Most frequently the procedure performed was a “Winograd procedure”, made popular in general medicine as a teaching tool for fledgling surgeons to get some experience making a simple surgical incision and closing a wound with sutures.

Unfortunately it can be pretty uncomfortable post operatively and can result in very high reoccurrence rates. Often times no follow up is scheduled following such simple procedures in the emergency clinic or general practice thus surgeons are lulled into the false belief that the procedure is clinically effective and so the to this day this practice remains common place in many hospitals.



The pictures attached show toes where this process was performed. One side clearly shows the incision line, scar tissue on the skin and subsequent regrowth of the nail. On the other, the portion of the nail that regrew did so at 90 degrees to its original orientation and is buried into the tissue causing excruciating pain. Fortunately this is an easy painless fix and we can follow the original surgical line removing the fault in the nail plate and leaving a satisfactory cosmetic result.


We are just a phone call away, to schedule an appointment at an office location near you with one of our dedicated specialists. We do not require a referral however medical information from your primary care specialist may help in our diagnosis. Bring any pertinent images (X-rays) or test results with you and if appropriate samples of your footwear. Given the nature of our specialty and possible cause of the nail distortion it is likely we will want to observe you standing or walking during the initial exam. Call The Podiatry Associates in Mississauga, at (905)568-3800. We are also located in Brantford, ON, at (519) 751-2900 and Whitby, Ontario, at (905) 433-0200