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April 08, 2021
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Two weeks ago I had a young lady present to the office concerned that her nail had suddenly detached
following a visit to a nail salon.
Upon examination, yes clearly the nail was detached however, upon removal it was evident there was a brand new nail covering 3/4 of the nail bed beneath. This would suggest that possibly 9-10 months prior to seeing me, was when the trauma to the nail likely occurred.
This trauma would have caused swelling and an interruption in growth, stimulating a new nail to begin growing forward under the old, now dead nail plate.
In all likelihood this would have been detected earlier by the colour change in the nail plate had it not been painted. In this case the pedicurist likely loosened the remaining anchors of the old nail plate during trimming of the cuticle and nail itself.
Very often I get asked how I feel about folks visiting nail salons and pedicurists. In truth they are able to provide an service for many of their clients who are in good health and present with non pathological, or ‘normal’ nails, but just cannot physically get down to or see their feet. Most concerns arise regarding the hygiene of the service and risk of infection. To this my answer is simple, clear and non judgemental. If your systemic health is challenged or your foot problem is beyond normal maintenance then you should be seeking a podiatry/chiropody practitioner. Most salon owners are as concerned about cross infection as you are.
If you are seeking a new salon don’t be afraid to ask to see their instrument sterilizer, let them impress you with their response. The good ones will be delighted with your interest, our patients would get the full tour if we were asked!
Lastly if you have that little voice in your head raising concerns about the cleanliness or level of service your receiving dont be afraid to question or ask that the service be stopped immediately. Their feelings won’t be hurt as much as your foot health may be.
If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask us!.

April 01, 2021
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So I’ve wanted to do a post on this phenomenon for ages!

I am amazed how frequently i find myself especially with new patients feeling like the Inquisitor, dragging out information regarding medical history.

Whether this is fuelled by a distrust in modern medicine or a previous bad
experiences in a doctors office, it greatly reduces the likelihood of success or
satisfaction in the care you receive.
I am not for one second suggesting you walk into every doctors office smiling and
rhyming of your history and symptoms rapid fire. Instead when I refer one of my
patients to another specialty I try to coach them a little regarding getting the best
outcome from the up coming meeting.
First and foremost make it clear you are there because you want to get better and
return to as normal and full a life as possible. You won’t believe how motivating an
effect this will have on the clinician to go above and beyond. Never for get they too
are human, …..well most of them.
Before you go head to your appointment get an idea of the history and symptoms clear
in your mind, better still on paper. General medical history not directly relating to
your condition may be very important that why you’re seeking their help not GOOGLE.


Listen carefully to their questions and reserve your possible frustration and
judgement until later. I had a patient just two days ago who was aggressively
confrontational from the moment I walked in the room demanding to know why I didn’t
have my walls decorated with certificates and diplomas to reassure them of my
professional abilities. After 10 minutes and several deep breaths we finally got
around to discussing her health problem.


By all means question, investigate and become informed about what you believe your
condition to be, YOU are your own best advocate.


Remember medical specialists are human and will be influenced by you, both positively
and negatively. They are trained to deal with nervous, anxious and frightened
They have however only one hardwired response to a motivated engaged patient, and
that is to HELP!