October 29, 2020
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Are you at home now and not wearing anything on your feet?

If you’d rather not come and visit us in our office, then please watch this short video.

Make this your new norm!. No gimmick no sales pitch!. Our offices are receiving more new patient calls than ever before. Many of which we are able to address quickly with simple changes in footwear habits.

If we can help short cut that process we’re delighted to do so. If your issue still won’t completely resolve then contact one of our offices and we’ll be delighted to look after you in safe friendly environments.



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September 05, 2020
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 Back to school and the end of summer!

As sad as that may be, we're looking forward to what will hopefully be the next step towards life returning to normal. All it takes is our greater commitment to social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing for this progress to continue.

Our offices are functioning safely and efficiently and we have lots of appointments available so give us a call. Its lovely seeing people returning and many new faces and feet to greet.

By Podiatry Associates
July 24, 2020
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Are your feet acting up again? Perhaps you’re wondering if you need a fresh pair of inserts or to further cut back on activities that hurt your feet. These might help. But depending on your specific symptoms, you might benefit more from an orthotic device instead.

To be certain, you can consult with one of our podiatrists here at The Podiatry Associates in our Mississauga, Brantford, or Whitby ON office for a professional evaluation. Until your appointment, here’s a primer on orthotics.

What are Orthotics and How Do They Work?

For some people, OTC shoe inserts can work well to relieve their aching feet. For others, however, they might need orthotics. These are prescription medical appliances that are worn inside the shoes to fix biomechanical foot problems, including issues with how a person runs, stands, or walks.

Orthotics can likewise aid in treating foot pain due to conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, bursitis, and plantar fasciitis. Additionally, the right orthotic device can significantly delay or get rid of the need for surgical intervention for conditions like flat feet.

Different Kinds of Orthotic Devices

Accommodative orthotic appliances or soft orthotics are crafted from soft materials made for compression. They work by giving cushioning to remove pressure off achy or uncomfortable areas from problems like foot ulcers from diabetes or plantar fasciitis. These are inherently bulky so you may have to wear them with prescription shoes.

Functional orthotic devices or rigid orthotics are created from harder materials such as carbon fiber or durable plastic. They’re specifically developed for alleviating pain and strains in the lower back, thighs, ankles, and legs. This type of orthotic is best for dress shoes or closed footwear with low heels.

What Kind of Orthotic Should I Use?

This question is best answered by your podiatrist in our Mississauga, Brantford, or Whitby ON location. During your consultation, your feet will be inspected thoroughly and 3D images of them will be taken. If your podiatrist determines that you require orthotics, a mold of your affected foot/feet will be taken to ensure an accurate fit.

The mold will then be sent to a professional who’ll fabricate the soft or rigid orthotic device for you. Make sure to go to follow-up visits with your podiatrist to help make certain that your orthotic device is working for you.

For More Details or Questions on Orthotics, Speak to Us

You can schedule an assessment with one of our podiatrists here at The Podiatry Associates by dialing (905) 433-0200 to reach our Whitby ON office, (905) 568-3800 to reach our Mississauga ON office, or (519) 751-2900 to reach our Brantford ON office.

June 22, 2020
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Twice this weekend we encountered neighbours with a very sore swollen foot following minor trauma and poor footwear/support combinations.

These can prove surprisingly painful, concerning and debilitating. As the weather has so vastly improved and our mobility expanded please consider appropriate footwear for the activity you're likely to encounter.

Our neighbour and friend Andy can always be counted on for a good photo op to demonstrate just such care and consideration.

By the way Andy, i apologize if in anyway I precipitated the construction or planning of this deck, I'll try and stay quiet in future.

Remember if you are in pain our offices are open! just give us call to arrange a visit.

Free advice on the beach freely distributed upon request....... rarely acted upon!

June 09, 2020
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While it was delightful to receive a call from Doug Fords office this morning,
its not necessary to contact the premiers office to make an appointment Just give your local office a shout and they’ll be happy to look after you.
Our reception staff are doing an amazing job trying make bookings and perform screening so please wed ask of you, be respectful of their efforts.

Brantford 519-7512900
Mississauga 905-5683800
Whitby 905-4330200

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