April 01, 2020
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Unfortunately we will be closed for at least a futher two weeks, we will re-evaluate our situation on the 14th of April. We press ganged our two boys into helping call our patients that were due to visit the offices over that period.

March 19, 2020
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March 07, 2020
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In order to better serve our patients and reduce the risk of person to person viral transfer we have intoduced a few changes to our normal office hygene policy.[0]=68.ARCoYNtNJBcFNwSkRVwWTEkkh4nXLQOE0HWzucaeI2Qo5N-c7OjfB4JMYLhKZJlVYRFaMThOCvn5HAip9k1YG2okOfoA_QiVNypWG9Cg_8qtCoPGJMW-99t5dD15Weky2I25bPDoDOIJtdY7EdypDVWild6JuJlGUJvsIefqp0XJmWjnxo-INQ8viMH6lSq8lnBq93t_ZGPkO5bfx6H0T9jkem1kXmOfrmbigqZZxWTN7-FkESQYwB8PJsj05WltaZdWYfxqvEMaK9cJ4JD5Lpqx5ld_FZ0c0hAtIJiVwK4Iph6FTig-k3F4aJWafrMnhuDNq9GWOWfu-Jh7lKyxZ6ndZh6KHXLMhCE

March 02, 2020
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This could so very easily happen to anyone of us!.




    Many of my fellow practitioners will attest that this is neither an unusual sight nor an extreme example. Often times the individual is physically challenged to attend to their own feet, perhaps the nails just became too tough for the nail nippers they had previously employed. After a short period of time the nails became unsightly and embarrassing and they start concealing them from spouse, family and support workers, preferring to suffer in silence rather than to ask for help.

    This condition can spiral quickly when complicated by peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, neuropathy, and possibly coupled with poor hygiene.

The real purpose of this post is to raise awareness of this possibility and to remind all of us to

gently make sure those we love and care for do not fall into this cycle. It can begin following something as simple as a fall, a hip surgery, an arthritis flare up, or death of a spouse. 

    In this instance the patient had gone with his wife to discuss the recent diabetes diagnosis with his general practitioner. Following identification of the nail abnormality he was sent home with a topical anti-fungal agent. His wife frightened by the discovery coaxed him to come and see us about the condition. After a fun 10 minutes of chatting whilst working he was smiling with relief and confidence.  Now looking forward to returning in a couple of months for another tune up. He fortunately hadn’t had time to fill his prescription for the medication nor will he need to.

Looking after simple things can bring such great pleasure.



February 24, 2020
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Are you wondering whether prescription orthotics could alleviate your foot problems?

Custom orthotics are specialized shoe inserts that can benefit most people, no matter their lifestyle, age, or level of activity. Our Mississauga, ON, podiatrists and chiropodists can create custom-fitted shoe inserts to cater to your specific conditions, injuries, and issues. Have questions about orthotics? We answer some of your most frequently asked questions about these corrective devices.

What do orthotics do?

Orthotics are special, customized insoles that help to realign the foot and ankle and correct imbalances within the feet. Just like glasses help to correct your vision, orthotics do the same for your feet. They help to facilitate better gait (the way in which you walk) by realigning parts of the feet to improve motion and to prevent foot problems. They can also be used to correct and address current foot and ankle problems you are having.

Who needs custom orthotics?

While most people don’t have perfectly aligned feet some people’s problems are so minor that they may never experience issues. Often times, poor foot mechanics can and will affect the health and function of your feet at some point, though; therefore, many people can benefit from custom orthotics and you may want to turn to our Mississauga, ON, foot doctors for an orthotics consultation if you are dealing with:

  • Bunions and hammertoes (common foot deformities)
  • Chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendon problems)
  • Foot pain
  • Arch pain
  • Leg, knee, hip, or back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetic feet
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Bursitis
  • Shin splints

Orthotics can be a simple but effective solution for treating a wide range of painful foot problems that could be limiting your mobility and affecting your quality of life. Orthotics are safe and effective for all ages, even children.

Can I just use over-the-counter orthotics?

While you may be wondering whether you can just grab a pair of orthotics from your local drugstore and reap the same benefits, unfortunately this isn’t the case. This would be the equivalent of giving everyone the same exact eyeglasses and expecting everyone to see perfectly. This one-size-fits-all approach to orthotics won’t address your specific problems and biomechanics, which means that not only will it not provide you with the exact support and cushioning your feet need but they could actually cause more harm than good in the long run.

Custom orthotics are made by our team of expert podiatrists and chiropodists so you know that you’re getting shoe inserts that are specifically made to handle your needs, whether it’s joint pain caused by arthritis, lower back pain, or knee pain.

The Podiatry Associates provides full-service foot and ankle care to those living in and around East Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, and Brantford, ON. If you have questions about custom orthotics call us today at (416) 694-4166 for our East Toronto location, (905) 433-0200 for our Whitby office, (905) 568-3800 for our Mississauga office, or (519) 751-2900 for our Brantford location.

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